LNG projects and gas pipeline projects (long distance) had in the past similar general characteristics, with high capital costs for buyers and sellers, and a long-term commitment from/to each other. Take or pay and negotiated price clauses were key concepts for securing the contracts. Traditional contract clauses are addressing:

  • COMMERCIAL TERMS: Duration, Quantities, Quality, Price, Delivery points
  • LIABILITIES: Representation & Risks, Transfer of rights, Expertise, Guarantees, Penalties, Force Majeure, Applicable Law, Arbitration, Force Majeure
  • OPERATIONS: Installation, Metering, Charter , Fuel expenses, Communication, Invoicing and payment


The number of players, and the diversity of innovative arrangements promoted nowadays on almost every new Project, make it compulsory to gain at an early stage a good understanding of the contractual landscape, which can be very complex:



With an extensive experience in assisting operators for the drafting of their contractual clauses, and a live experience of operating floating LNG units, Marine LNG partners are in a position to provide a hands on approach, and accurate assistance to the build up of the contracts suite in the course of the development of an LNG Project.

Besides, with an extensive experience of building capital and operating costs, we are also in a position to provide a hands on assistance for the build up of the initial financial model of an LNG project, as well as providing assistance for due diligence purpose, or the discussions with financiers.

Endly, thanks to an exclusive partnership with VENATOR international, investment Partner, Marine LNG is able to propose 100% private financing for the development of LNG terminals.